Super Deformed Grade GUNDAM Build Divers RE: RISE – EX VALKYLANDER – Kit-set model by Bandai

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From the anime series Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE comes Parviz’s Mobile Suit EX VALKYLANDER!

The Adorable Super Deformed (SD) grade kits are an excellent entry level model kits for aspiring Gunpla enthusiasts and a light fun build for more experienced builders.

The kit rewards you with a high quality Chibi Gundam, as opposable as a HG with a third of the space.

This Super Deformed grade kit-set contains:

  • Parts to build EX VALKYLANDER
  • 2x GN Gunblade
  • GN Mega Flare Cannon
  • Grip Dagger
  • GN Gunshield

Weapons & Gimmicks

  • Gunblades can be combined to create the Twin Gunblade
  • The GN EX Ballistar Bow can be created by combining the Twin Gunblade, Grip Dagger and Gunshield
  • EX VALKYLANDER can transform into the EX GUNDRAGON mode
  • Can be customised with the SDBD:R AVALANCHE REX BUSTER Support Weapon Kit* (*Sold Seperately)

The Ex Valkylander is an SD Gunpla built by Parviz that use the Valkylander as its base. The Gunpla has been vastly upgraded and greatly refurbished with a motif resembling the sacred beast Cuadorn that Parviz encountered on Planet Eldora. The Ex Valkylander retains the Valkylander’s transformation mechanism, allowing it to change into the dragon-type Ex Gundragon Mode, warrior type Ex Valkylander Mode, and Dragon Fusion Mode.


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