High Heavens

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High Heavens – Strategic Mythological Warfare Boardgame from Wild Power Games – 2 players – 30~75mins playtime – Ages 8+

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High Heavens is a tactical card and minis game where players battle to vanquish the enemy heroes or their destroy their home base!

Designed by Ryan Lesser (Guitar Hero, Rock Band), High Heavens brings the powerful and charismatic gods of Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology to the table with beautiful miniatures and colorful cards.

Choosing when to play a god or divine power, and how to utilize them on the board, will determine which army will ascend in victory, and which will fall in defeat!


High Heavens is meant to be played aggressively.

The god cards bring unique characters and abilities to the board while Divine Power cards can be rewarding or devastating, and have immediate effects.

Players must come to the table ready to rumble!


At the core of High Heavens is the RingChip system.

Taking a cue from his years developing video games, Ryan seeks to bring easy-to-use interfaces from digital games to the table, and RingChips do just that.

At a glance, players can tell how healthy, powerful or buffed the gods are without having to keep track with paper, pencil, dice or tokens.

High Heavens sets the players in the clouds, fighting for ultimate power above the earth.

High Heavens is a two player, tactical strategy game played on a hex grid, pitting Norse gods against Greek gods.

The game is won when either all 12 gods in an entire pantheon is wiped out, or when Asgard or Mt. Olympus is destroyed.

Players draw five cards every turn and then are allowed 3 actions. These actions can include Invoking a god, Moving, Attacking, playing a Divine Power card, using a god’s Special Ability or Acquiring a dropped bonus chip.

Red RingChips are stacked under each character to represent that characters health, Modifiers such as Attack Bonus, Armor, or Disabled are also represented by different colored RingChips.

No two gods are alike, and their actions and abilities closely correlate to the mythology they were derived from.

The luck of the cards you draw forces you to change your strategy from game to game.

There is no reshuffling when you are out of cards, so once a god is dead, they’re dead.

Game play takes about a half an hour to an hour, depending on the players’ skill, luck of the draw and the strategies used.

2 players – 30~75mins playtime – Ages 8+


  • 12 Norse god miniatures

  • 12 Greek god miniatures

  • 100 stacking, color RingChips

  • 1 seamless, soft, neoprene “board”

  • 24 Pantheon cards

  • 24 Divine Power cards

  • 2 Homebase chits

  • 3 Action Tokens

  • Rules

Developed by Wild Power Games