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Dogtag – Puppy Social Media Influencer Party Card Game – 2~5 players – 20~40mins – Ages 8+

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Dogtag is the casual party game set in a world where dogs seek online fame by posting to their social media app, Dogtag.

Born from LA pet pop culture, Dogtag is a heckin’ cute card game with a bucketload of dog puns, and a ton of personality.

The goal of Dogtag is to become the top dog.

Test your social suave by curating your profile with picture cards and strategically placing comment cards on other dogs’ pics to climb the social ladder.

To win, earn three achievements cards that are laid out in the beginning of the game, drawn from the Achievement deck.

One at a time, players take their two-phased turn to populate their profile with pictures and comments in the hopes that these cards satisfy the Achievement requirements.

Dogs need to be very smart with their posts, as other players can make you go viral as quick as they can make your profile spiral.

2~5 players – 20~40mins – Ages 8+