HGUC – MSN-02 ZEONG – 1/144th scale

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High Grade Universal Century – Principality of Zeon Prototype Newtype-use Space Mobile Suit MSN-02 ZEONG – 1/144th scale kit-set by BANDAI

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From the original anime series Mobile Suit: Gundam comes the Principality of Zeon Prototype Newtype-use Space Mobile Suit MSN-02 ZEONG!

This 1/144th scale High Grade Universal Century kit-set contains:

  • Parts to build MSN-02 Zeong
  • Display Stand

Weapons & Gimmicks

  • The mono-eye sticker can be placed in a different position (builder must keep in mind that this is a one-time method before deciding how to apply).
  • Neck-collar construction can tilt back and forth.
  • Waist joint can tilt back and forth.
  • Elbow joints can be bent up to roughly 70 degrees.
  • The kit can be connected to the provided display base via a polycap joint, allowing the kit to be displayed at an angle.
  • Head can be detached to replicate the scene from the source material.
  • Arms can be detached and connected with the provided cable for displaying with the 5-barrel Mega Particle Guns deployed.
  • Each finger is individually poseable but there is no knuckle articulation.

Developed by the Principality of Zeon to be the ultimate mobile suit, the Zeong was given the same name as the Principality of Zeon itself in order to boost morale and was built exclusively for Newtype pilots. It initially had the model number “MS-16X” and was developed based on the data of multiple experimental units. The Zeong was also the first mobile suit to use the Psycommu system, which allowed a Newtype pilot to utilize its wire-guided remote-controlled forearms for all-range attack effectively. Each forearm was built with five mega particle gun in its fingers. The Zeong also has three more mega particle guns on its body, two in the waist and one in the head.


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