HGUC – MSM-04 ACGUY – 1/144th scale

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High Grade Universal Century – Principality of Zeon Mass-Production Mobile Suit MSM-04 ACGUY – 1/144th scale kit-set by Bandai

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From the original anime MOBILE SUIT: GUNDAM comes the Principality of Zeon’s Mass-Production Mobile Suit MSM-04 ACGUY

This 1/144th scale High Grade Universal Century kit-set contains:

  • Acguy
  • Iron Nail part (retracted)
  • Iron Nail part (extended)
  • Right Missile + Mega Particle Cannon piece
  • Extension arms
  • Stub piece

MSM-04 ACGUY’s right forearm can be built with either Iron Nail or Missile-equipped piece.

The right arm’s iron nail can replace with either retracted or extended mode pieces.

The Iron nails on the extended mode piece can pivot.

The extension arm piece is ball-jointed and they can attach onto both arms, or combine together if one wishes for a long arm.

Backpack boosters can pivot.

Stub piece can attach onto the right arm with the Iron Nail arm installed onto the left arm to recreate the Acguy seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team OVA.

The Zeonic Company produced their own amphibious mobile suit for the Principality of Zeon, the MSM-04 Acguy. Acguys used many of the same parts and components as the MS-06F Zaku II, including twin Zaku II F-Type Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactors. However, even with the twin reactors, the Acguy left only a trace heat signature, making it effective for stealth and infiltration operations. It is also one of the tallest amphibious mobile suit used by the Zeon during the war.


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