HGBF – LGZ-91 LIGHTNING Z GUNDAM – 1/144th scale

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High Grade Build Fighters – LGZ-91 LIGHTNING GUNDAM – 1/144th scale kit-set model by Bandai

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From the anime series  Gundam Build Fighters Try comes Team Try Fighters Yuuma Kousaka’s Mobile Suit LGZ-91 LIGHTNING GUNDAM!

This 1/144th scale High Grade Build Fighters kit-set contains:

  • Parts to build Lightning Gundam
  • Custom Beam Rifle
  • Custom Shield
  • 2x Beam Sabers
  • Lightning Back Weapon System

The Lightning Gundam earned its place as one of the main protagonist suits in Build Fighters Try, and this kit will feature all the gimmicks to show you why. It comes with a new beam rifle and improved shield, and will also be able to change from normal to waverider modes when combined with the Lightning Back Weapon System!

Yuuma Kousaka’s Gunpla that was made based on the Re-GZ that appeared in Char’s Counterattack. It has high performance sensors in the shoulders and by coupling the beam rifle for long distance shooting to them, astoundingly precise shots become possible. For that reason, long range attack is the main tactic in battle. The Lightning Gundam possesses the ability to transform into Flight Mode by equipping the Back Weapon System.




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