HGBD:R – May’s WODOM POD – 1/144th scale

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High Grade – Gundam Build Divers RE: RISE – May’s WODOM Pod Mobile Suit – 1/144th scale model kit-set by Bandai

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From Gundam Build Divers RE: RISE comes May’s WODOM POD Mobile Suit.

May’s custom Gunpla based on the Wodom from ∀ Gundam.

Its form seems eccentric at first glance, but its legs have a long reach in melee combat and it has an abundance of built-in weapons, so its body construction is extremely well-suited to May, who attacks precisely using a rational battle style.

Additionally, the WODOM Pod can transform into a High-Speed Flight Form by folding it legs and positioning the arms backward.

May constructed this Gunpla so that her Mobile Doll can board it to carry out more strategic Gunpla battles.

Supervised by Tsukasa Shiba, the Wodom Pod is built by Mobile Doll May’s own hands.

The WODOM Pod comes armed with Anti-Ship Large Beam Cannon and Triple Barrelled Missile Launcher.

This kit-set can be customised with parts from other HGBD:R armour and weapon kits* (*sold separately)


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