AVENGERS Winter Soldier: Infinity War Edition (Dx Ver.) Nendoroid

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AVENGERS Winter Soldier: Infinity War Edition (Deluxe Version) Nendoroid 10cm figure by Goodsmile Company

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From Avengers: Infinity War comes the Winter Soldier!

From Avengers: Infinity War comes a fully articulated Deluxe Nendoroid action figure of the Winter Soldier!

Bucky comes with a miniature figure of Rocket to recreate the famous scene of them fighting together in the movie, along with weapon effect parts. Use the included special support arm to recreate your favorite scenes!

The enormous digging wheels from the Battle of Wakanda and a Wakanda-themed base are also included.

He comes with three interchangeable face plates including his serious expression, shouting expression and gritted teeth expression.

Everything about his costume from his vibranium arm to fine details like the knife equipped at his right hip has been carefully recreated. His weapon used in the final battle of the movie is also included and he can be posed holding it with either hand.

Finally, a special interchangeable arm part to recreate the scene just before he turned to dust is included.

Be sure to add Nendoroid Winter Soldier: Infinity Edition DX Ver. to your collection!


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