Ticket To Ride – Legacy Edition


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An Immersive Railway Adventure, where you build your company success, game after game.

2-5 Players  |  20-90 Mins  |  Ages 10+

  • Learn as you play for a new experience: add new rules as you unlock content and discover surprises.
  • An exclusive Ticket to Ride story: embark on a journey against rival players and Mama O’Connell, the evil railroad Baroness!
  • A brand-new competitive experience with a lot of new rules and surprises
  • Over 12 games, change the course of US railroad history and enjoy a fully personalized version of T2R by the end.
  • Designed by Alan R. Moon (Ticket to Ride, Elfenland,…), Matt Leacock (Pandemic, Forbidden Island,…) and Rob Daviau (Risk Legacy, Unmatched,…)

It’s the late 19th century and America is booming. New train companies compete to satisfy the needs of a growing population. Merchants, officials, food and goods need to travel from one place to another. An intricate network of train lines has appeared.

Thaddeus Reeves was one of the young entrepreneurs dreaming of connecting the entire nation and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Reeves Rails quickly established lucrative train routes from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and the company’s future is bright. But greedy rail barons are looking at Thaddeus’ growing rail empire and thinking about how they can take it away.

Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West.

As the years have rolled along, Reeves Rails has continued to grow and thrive. You have just formed your very own train company and are ready to take part in this remarkable industry. Sure, you have lots to learn, but possibility and fortune shimmer off the paint of your newly purchased steam engines. This new express network should make all the difference between you and the other companies starting up. Satisfied, you open the newspaper and read the headlines from out west…


Ticket to RIde Legacy: Legends of the West finally gives you the chance to step into the story of your favorite train game and explore the imagination of Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock and Alan R. Moon. You will embark on a journey across twelve games, managing your own North American railway company to wealth and fortune in a campaign full of adventures.

Completing your tickets will remain your primary goal, but you will need to develop other skills if you hope to overcome the unexpected events and your resourceful rivals. Game after game, route after route, you will continuously fill your vault with earnings. As the story progresses, you will open Frontier Boxes that will unlock new rules, content, and many more surprises.

Like previous installments in the Ticket to Ride series, this game can be learned very quickly but will provide a much more immersive and narrative experience that should please every fan of the franchise.

At the end of the 12 games of this Legacy campaign, you will have transformed your game into a unique copy that you can continue playing for a lifetime.