Takenoko: Chibis Expansion


Takenoko: Chibis Expansion – Bamboo Garden & Panda Management game from Bombyx – 2~4 players – 45mins playtime – Ages 8+

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*! EXPANSION PACK – Base Game Required !*

Well done gardener, you have splendidly performed your duties by taking care of the imperial panda. As a reward, the Chinese emperor has given you a second animal’s care and not just any second panda! You will need to try twice as hard to take care of the couple… and also their babies!

The Takenoko: Chibis expansion offers you even more of tenderness!

The new resident of the bamboo plantation gives you access to new objectives and actions. Miss Panda is a lot less greedy but she can give birth to adorable babies!

Brighten up your garden with new plots and create a little paradise on earth for all the members of this little family!

2~4 players – 45mins playtime – Ages 8+


  • Miniature of the female panda
  • 9 different tiles for the baby pandas
  • 6 plot tiles
  • 18 cards
  • 17 bamboo pieces.