Raid the Pantry


Family Friendly Food Fighting Card Game ~ 2-4 players Age 8+ 30 minutes from Cheeky Parrot games

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It’s a food fight without the mess

The knives are out as you collect ingredients to assemble enough dishes to reach the winning score. This unique award-winning game will find you resorting to haggling, theft and even dumpster diving to create your tasty triumphs and sabotage your sneaky competitors!

The game features dishes from more than a dozen countries and cuisines — including Moroccan tajine, Mexican tacos, and mango lassi — plus fun and original action cards and Ingredient cards with food facts and words for the foods in seven foreign languages.

Can be played 2 vs 2!


  • 64 Ingredient cards
  • 20 Dish cards
  • 32 Action cards
  • 4 Player aid cards

2-4 players

Age 8+

30 minutes

​From Cheeky Parrot Games