Ninja Taisen

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Ninja Taisen – Paper/Scissors/Rock Ninja Warfare Quickplay Dice game from IELLO – 2 players – 20mins playtime – Ages 8+

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This is a story about the fate of two villages infamously known by the names Mashirazuka and Yonakizawa. Calm lulled these two villages, but the peace treaty in effect for hundreds of years finally reached its end. The leaders of each village, full of hate for each other, gathered and prepared their best Ninjas to invade the enemy village.

Who will emerge victorious from this crazy quest for vengeance?

Send your Ninja Warriors along the path to the enemy village!

Battle using classic rock-paper-scissors rules & take control of the enemy village or be the last one standing!

Ninja Taisen is a two-player, dice-driven abstract game with a random set-up.

Both players have identical sets of ten fighters, with three fighters in each of the three colors, along with a tri-colored Shogun.

These fighters are placed in small stacks of varying size onto a line that’s eleven steps long.

On a player’s turn, they roll the three colored dice and can make up to three moves accordingly, with the blue die moving a blue fighter, etc.

Moving a fighter that has other fighters on top of him moves these other fighters as well.

If, as a result of movement, a fighter (or stack of fighters) encounters an enemy, a fight between the two top cards in each stack occurs, the result of which is decided primarily by the color (via a rock-paper-scissors mechanism) and secondarily by the number (highest wins).

If the Shogun wins a fight, its power is reduced by the enemy’s power for the remainder of the current fight; if two fighters draw, they both retreat one step toward their own village, possibly precipitating other fights on the same turn. The fight continues until either pile is depleted.

The first player to either defeat all of the opposing fighters or reach the end of the line (and clear out the opponent’s fighters in his village) wins.

2 players – 20min playtime – Ages 8+

Published by IELLO