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Kami~sama – Competitive Tactical Strategy Game from Kolossal Games – 2~4 players – 60~90mins playtime – Ages 14+

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A gentle breeze… The soothing sounds of a flowing river… The glow of the moon… A bountiful harvest… Fear… Rage… and even death. Each of these forces affect the world around us and are in fact personified by a spirit. These Kami work together to form the natural order of things, but each aspires for influence over those that worship them.

Spirit of the Land

Become a spirit of the land in Kami-sama, a tactical strategy game designed by AJ Lambeth.

As a Kami, you’ll focus on a different aspect of life as you compete to spread your influence throughout the land.

As your influence spreads across four villages, you’ll erect shrines and remove your opponents’.

Kami earn village tokens by matching the patterns revealed each turn and placing your shrines accordingly.

You’ll need to plan ahead and work around or remove  your opponents’ shrines to complete these objectives.

Gaining sets of each village token, balancing your favor and nature, and ensuring your influence in each village is higher than your opponents’ is a delicate balancing act as you work to become the Kami-Sama.

Balance is Imperative

One of the most important aspects of Kami-sama is the balance that you must strike between gaining Favor with the villagers and remaining connected to Nature.

At the end of each round you will score points based on the lower of these two values.

Carefully Plot Future Turns

You will need to carefully plot each move to drive your opponents out of the villages and maintain your influence.

The higher your influence with each village will determine your access to villager perks at the end of every turn!

Kami-Sama is a delightfully competitive puzzle game with a beautiful table presence and art by Gong Studios.

With so many different Kami to chose from, each with their own asymmetric abilities, you’ll find Kami-Sama on your table for game night often!

2~4 players – 60~90mins playtime – Ages 14+


  • Game Board (4 pieces)
  • 8 Kami Sheets
  • 48 Village Tokens (12 for each of 4 villages)
  • 20 Cubes ( 5 in each of 4 colors)
  • 10 Kami Tokens (4 seed, 4 moons, 1 fear and 1 rage)
  • 60 Villager Cards (15 in each of 4 villages)
  • 80 Shires (20 in each of 4 colors)
  • 8 Favor / Nature Markets
  • 19 Goal Cards
  • 24 Kitsune Cards & Token ( for 2 player games only)
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 2 Advent Token
  • 1 Year Token
  • 4 Scoring Discs  ( 1 in each of 4 colors)

Published by Kolossal Games