HGBD:R – GAT-X303K GUNDAM AEGIS KNIGHT – 1/144th scale

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High Grade Build Divers RE: RISE – Kazami Torimachi’s Custom Protector Mobile Suit GAT-X303K GUNDAM AEGIS KNIGHT – 1/144th scale kit-set model by BANDAI

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From the anime series Gundam Build Divers RE: RISE comes Kazami Torimachi’s Custom Protector Mobile Suit GAT-X303K GUNDAM AEGIS KNIGHT!

This 1/144th scale High Grade Build Divers RE: RISE kit-set contains:

  • Gundam Aegis Knight
    • Chest crystal for King Mode
  • Raitei Shot Lancer Kai
  • Aegis Shield
  • Laevatein Beam Rapier
  • 8 Beam Effects
  • Display Stand
    • Adapter for Aegis Knight
    • Adapter for Assault Combat Mode
    • Adapter for High-Speed Cruising Mode
  • Backpack joint for Re:Rising Gundam

The Raitei Shot Lancer Kai can be wielded as either a rifle or a lance and the Laevatein Beam Rapier can be optionally removed from the Aegis Shield as a handheld weapon.

Gundam Aegis Knight can convert into King Mode by unfolding the rear crest and adding the crystal chest piece, and the “Keraunos Hyper Beam Sword” being a combination of the spear-less Raitei Shot Lancer Kai, the Aegis Shield, and the waist binders. – High Speed Cruising Mode or Assault Combat Mode via minor parts swapping. (Beam Effects can attach onto this mode.) – Core Fighter Mode via parts removal/rearrangement.

Gundam Aegis Knight can combine with the Core Gundam II from the HGBD:R Uraven Gundam, the SDBB:R Ex Valkylander, and the HGBD:R JMA0530-MAY Wodom Pod to create the Re:Rising Gundam. (each sold seperately)

Gundam Aegis Knight can mount onto either the included display stand or the Action Base, both via an adapter.

The Gundam Aegis Knight was built with the concept of extending its defensive capabilities over a wide area to protect the BUILD DiVERS. Besides having a shield with a larger defensive area, the Gunpla also have improved mobility so as to quickly head to its allies to protect them and offensive abilities to instantly defeat the enemies targeting its allies. This resulted in the Gundam Aegis Knight playing an extremely important role in the team’s defenses. Like its base unit, the Gundam Aegis Knight can transform from Mobile Suit Mode to Mobile Armor Mode. Its Mobile Armor Mode has two different forms: High-Speed Cruising Mode and Assault Combat Mode.

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