Borderlands Zer0 – Mini Epics Figure

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Mini Epics Borderlands Zer0 – 16cm Vinyl Figure from Weta Workshop

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There’s chaos in the cosmos. A crazed cult has arisen in the Borderlands; only you have the power to defeat them. Weta Workshop is supplying Mini Epic allies* to help you save the galaxy!

Zer0 is a mysterious assassin for hire who only speaks in haiku. According to his wanted poster and his personal ECHO recordings, he performs both political assassinations and common hits. Following a particularly unsatisfying assassination where the target fails to fight back, despite being encouraged by Zer0 to do so, the assassin starts to look for a more challenging environment. He travels to Pandora after hearing of the Vault from a bartender, deeming the hunt as worthy of his skills.

Mini Epics figures from Weta Workshop are super-stylised and ultra-expressive, this new cast of characters was created by Weta Workshop’s collectibles team, a dedicated crew of artists, technicians, craftspeople, and producers, all relishing the chance to distil oodles of personality into a small EPIC package.

Endlessly collectible. Totally adorable. These pint-sized figures have BIG personalities.

Collect them all!

Specs: W 15.5cm x H 15.8cm x D 9.5cm vinyl figure from Weta Workshop