Super Deformed Build Fighters – SD-237S STAR WINNING GUNDAM – kit-set model by BANDAI

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From the anime series  Gundam Build Fighters Try comes the Team Try Fighters Fumina Hoshino’s SD-237S STAR WINNING GUNDAM!

The Adorable SD grade kits are an excellent entry level model kits for aspiring Gunpla enthusiasts and a light fun build for more experienced builders.

The kit rewards you with a high quality Chibi Gundam, as opposable as a HG with a third of the space.

The Star Winning Gundam can be built in “Super Deformed” mode, 1/144th scale “Real Mode” and into various ship modes!

Realizing that the Winning Gundam is too support-oriented, Fumina sets out to upgrade her Gunpla with more individual fighting power and the end result is the Star Winning Gundam. The suit’s primary weapons consist of a beam machine gun that can transform into a handheld blade, and four remote controlled weaponry known as Star Funnels that can be used for offensive, defensive or support purposes. The Star Funnels can also generate Plavsky Power Gate to enhance its allies’ attacks. When greater firepower is required, the Star Winning Gundam can transform into “Real Mode” (a standard 1/144 Gunpla form), allowing it to launch a powerful ranged beam attack known as the Winning Beam when it enters ‘Full Mode’. Like the Winning Gundam, the Star Winning Gundam can also transform into various flight forms. The head of Star Winning Gundam can transform into a Core Fighter. The suit, sans the backpack, can transform into a Core Booster, and the Mega Core Booster is formed when the backpack is added.


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