MG – ZGMF-X10A FREEDOM GUNDAM (Ver. 2.0) – 1/100th scale


Master Grade – Z.A.F.T. Mobile Suit ZGMF-X10A FREEDOM GUNDAM -1/100th scale kit-set model by Bandai

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From the anime series  Mobile Suit Gundam SEED comes the Z.A.F.T. Mobile Suit ZGMF-X10A FREEDOM GUNDAM!

Master Grade kits differ from other 1/100 scale Gunpla, with their level of detail, articulation, and proportions being second only to the Perfect Grade line.

This 1/100th scale Master Grade model stands at approx 189mm, kit-set contains:

  • Parts to build Freedom Gundam
  • 2x Beam Sabers
  • Beam Rifle
  • Shield
  • 2x 1/100 Kira Yamato figurine (sitting/standing)
  • Manipulators (articulated thumb with other digits interchangeable)
      • Trigger-finger (right)
      • General weapon-holding (1-pair)
      • Closed fist (1 pair)
      • Widespread fingers (1 pair)

Weapons & Gimmicks

  • Any of the weapons can be wielded by the hands.
  • Beam Rifle can be mounted onto the rear waist armor via a flip-out latch.
  • The wings can be deployed into HiMAT mode.
  • Beam Cannons can flip out from the wings, in either deployed or closed forms.
    • Beam Cannons can also be rearranged in attack mode.
  • Railguns can convert into attack mode.
    • Railgun handles can flip out.
  • Beam Saber handles can combine to form a dual Beam Saber.
  • Freedom Gundam can mount onto the included display stand via a backpack connector.

One of Z.A.F.T’s ZGMF-X series of Gundam units build in CE 71 using technology derived from the four captured Alliance’s Gundam, the Freedom Gundam has Phase Shift Armor and its armaments include CIWS guns, beam sabers, shield, plasma beam cannons, railguns, and a beam rifle. When the latter three weapons are used simultaneously, the Freedom is said to be in ‘Full Burst Mode’. The suit has full flight capabilities in the atmosphere and the back-mounted wings can be deployed in “High Mobility Aerial Tactics (HiMAT) Mode” to enhance its mobility in the atmosphere or in space. It also has an advanced targeting system, the Multi Lock-On System, that allows it to target and fire at multiple enemy units simultaneously. Due to its capabilities and loadout, the suit has a reputation as a specialized ‘Mobile Suit Killer’, but its high performance resulted in a complicated control system that demands extremely fast reaction speed and spatial awareness from its pilot.


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