Kawaii – Delicious Ice Cream Card Game from Helvetiq Games – 3~5 players – 15mins playtime – Ages 6+

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Who eats the most ice cream?

In Kawaii, you have to get hold of as many cards of your favorite ice cream as possible. 

Discard your cards, carefully watch each other’s piles and react quickly to get the ones you like best. 

Cherries will gain you extra points, but be careful not to find the door closed when you go to the shop, or you might see your score melt away like ice in the sun…

This simple card game combines observation and the willingness to take risks. With the super cute illustrations and the adorable theme, it will delight both the little ones and the grown-ups.

The Goal?

Conquer as many cards as possible of your favorite ice cream flavor and/or your favorite ice cream shape. The player who has scored the most points after three rounds of the game wins the game.

Tasty Tidbits!

• A clever game that combines tactics, risk and speed
• Super cute illustrations that the whole family will enjoy
• Different game variations to make the game more difficult
• Quick to learn, quick to play

3~5 players – 15mins playtime – Ages 6+


  • 65 ice cards
  • 10 conquest tokens (hearts)

Published by Helvetiq Games