HGUC – MS-18E KAMPHER – 1/144th scale


High Grade Universal Century – MS-18E KÄMPHER – 1/144th scale kit-set model by Bandai

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From the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket comes the Principality of Zeon Assault Unit Mobile Suit MS-18E KÄMPHER.

This 1/144th scale High Grade Universal Century kit-set contains:

  • Parts to build MS-18E KÄMPHER
  • 2 Beam Sabers
  • 2 Jagdgewehr 192mm Shotguns + Grips
  • 2 Giant Bazooka + Shoulder Adapters
  • 2 Sturm Fausts + Adapters
  • Chain mine

The “E” in the MS-18E Kämpfer’s model number was an abbreviation for the German word “einhauen,” which translates to “one strike.” “One strike” summed up the suit’s role as a fast assault unit that was meant to strike quickly, cause massive damage with its varied weapons loadout, and make a fast escape. The Kämpfer was a very focused design, never intended to work outside of its role. Within this role it was an exceptional unit, rivaling the Federation’s RX series in firepower and speed. It was equipped with numerous thrusters and verniers to achieve high maneuverability. Conversely, the large number of thrusters resulted in higher fuel consumption rate, limiting its operational time.

Kämpfer’s design opted for minimal armor, even removing the hip mounted skirt armor found on most mobile suits. The choice of conventional shell-based weapons in favor of beam weapons was made to reduce the drain on its powerplant and resultant drop in speed. Weapon racks were designed to be ejected from the unit as they were expended, minimizing dead weight. The Kämpfer was intended to be operated by special forces, and was built to be easily disassembled and reassembled in blocks, aiding in its infiltration behind enemy lines.



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