HGBF – TBG-011B TRY BURNING GUNDAM -1/144th scale


High Grade Build Fighters – Sekai Kamiki’s Mobile Suit TBG-011B TRY BURNING GUNDAM – 1/144th scale kit-set model by BANDAI

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From the anime series  Gundam Build Fighters Try comes Team Try Fighters Sekai Kamiki’s Mobile Suit TBG-011B TRY BURNING GUNDAM!

This 1/144th scale High Grade Build Fighters kit-set contains:

  • Parts to build Try Burning Gundam
    • Weapon-holding hand (1 pair)
    • Open-palm hand, expressive (1 pair)
    • Open-palm hand, “chopping” (1 pair)
    • Closed fist (1 pair)
    • Flame fist (1 pair)
  • Burning Burst System parts
  • Flame effect parts
    • Flame wheel (1 pair)
    • Flame extensions (x12)
    • Flame burst for hands (1 pair)
    • Flame burst for feet
  • Backpack adapter

Weapons & Gimmicks

  • Constructions that contain the translucent blue pieces can be replaced with the corresponding Burning Burst System parts to replicate the form of the Try Burning Gundam with the Burning Burst System activated, as depicted in the show.
  • A pair of flame burst effect parts can be connected to the flame fists to recreate several of the attacks performed by the Try Burning Gundam in the show. A larger flame burst effect part is also provided that can be connected to a single foot at a time.
    • Flame extension effect parts are provided in three different lengths for more dynamic displays.
  • The flame wheel effect parts can be connected to slots on the backpack. When connected by themselves, the flames are perpendicular to the torso, but a joint connector is also provided to display said effect parts as though the flames are being emitted straight out of the backpack.
  • The Try Burning Gundam can be mounted on an Action Base.
  • A backpack adapter is provided to mount backpacks from other HGBF kits to the Try Burning Gundam.

Compared to its predecessor, the BG-011B Build Burning Gundam, the Try Burning has reinforced joint armor and is installed with a new system known as the “Burning Burst System” to maximize its Plavsky Particle emission. Similar to the Build Burning, the Try Burning’s transparent blue parts are for storing Plavsky Particles for later emission, and more of them are hidden below the armor. Although the suit has no shield, it can defend against projectile and ranged beam attacks using its elbow armor like its predecessor. The suit can also release Plavsky Particles from it soles in an attempt to protect itself from attacks below. Normally, these Plavsky Particles are used for propulsion, much like those released from the Gunpla’s back.

When Sekai assimilates with Try Burning, its performance improves by more than 3 times and the transparent blue parts turn orange from the change in the Plavsky Particles’ color. Furthermore, all the Plavsky Particles stored in the suit can be released at once, and this causes the entire Try Burning to be engulfed in flames. The suit also gains the ability to generate a barrier during assimilation. The weakness of assimilation is that the damages sustained by the Gunpla are reflected onto Sekai. Before the finals of the U-19 Championship, the Try Burning was remodeled so that its polycaps are interchangeable with that of its teammates. This allows the damaged Try Burning to be repaired using its teammates parts, allowing it to fight properly during the overtime battle as the team’s representative.


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