Haropla – Haro (Basic Green) – Kit-set model


Haro (Basic Green) – Haropla Non-Scale Kit-set model from Bandai Spirits

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From the anime Mobile Suit Gundam comes the adorable HARO!

Haro is the mechanical mascot of the Gundam franchise, and is one of the few characters that appear in more than one timeline.

Haro’s Arms and legs can be rebuilt into extended mode via parts swapping, The cover panels on the head, lower “ears”, and the pelvis can be optionally removed to reveal mounting points for customization. (Rod-jointed parts only.)

Likewise, the arms, legs, and the cover pieces can be stored underneath the stand.

The Display Stand can connect with other Haropla & Petitgguy stands.

Haro was originally a mascot robot released by SUN Corporation in U.C. 0078. It has a basic artificial intelligence, as well as a range of features, including facial recognition, voice recognition, rudimentary speech, and the ability to move both under gravity and in zero G by rolling, walking, and jumping. Its cuteness made it highly popular among middle school students. It later became the mascot of the Colony Public Corporation, and served as the narrator for the CPC’s orientation video for space colonists.

One such unit was heavily customized by Amuro, who gave it to his friend Fraw Bow as a present. The features added by Amuro include a more advanced AI, a pair of five-fingered manipulators, and the ability to measure brainwaves.